Alicante – the city of trade


Alicante is a Spanish city and is also known as Alacant; this is a historic port in the Mediterranean. Its population is about 340,000 as recorded in the year 2009.


During the period 5000-3000 BC the tribes, hunter gatherers moved from Central Europe to this city. In 1000 BC Greek traders established themselves. Mamicar Barca, the Carthaginian general established the settlement Akra Leuka which is nowadays known as Alicante.

It is strategically located on the eastern seashore and Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks and Arabs traveled to this place searching for new trade routes. They have all contributed to the civilizations of this city. Benacantil Mountains surround the city as well as its harbor and the fortress Santa Barbara is built on top.


The climate in the city of Alicante is Mediterranean; its maximum and minimum temperature in a year is 30.6 °C and 6.2 °C respectively. The average rainfall in a year is 336 mm. The rainiest months are September and October.

Art and culture

Santa María, the Gothic church was built in the 16th century above an old Arab mosque and is very attractive. The museum, Casa de la Asegurada was built in the 17th century and is situated opposite the church. The square of the city council, Saint Nicholas procathedral and the Academy of the Society of Jesus are some of the historic monuments in this city.

MARQ, the Archaeological Museum is situated in the old hospital, San Juan de Dios and it exhibits the remains of Tossal de Manises, an archaeological site.

Parks and Playgrounds

There are a number of natural treasures in Alicante that all tourists must try to see. These are Nature Reserves – El Fondo, Carrascal de la Font Roja, Montgó, Salt Marshes of Santa Pola, Torrevieja and Mata Lagoons, Pego-Oliva Fen and Penyal d’Ifac.


The tourists will enjoy the rice dishes. The following food items are delicacies in this city:

1.Rice and fish

2.Black Rice and cuttlefish

3.Arroz al horno – Baked rice

4.Fig bread


6.Ice cream – Jijona

Sports and Entertainment

Alicante has a lot of traditional festivities of Moors and Christians and the popular one is Levante. Explanada de España promenade is a boulevard situated opposite the port and it has a number of cafes in the basement. There are a number of bars and restaurants along the port’s breakwater. El Postiguet is an urban beach that facilitates you to enjoy the sun and the sea. A number of golf courses exist along the coastline from where you can enjoy the Mediterranean.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock  Pixabay