Are you familiar with the Costa del Sol? Find out the most interesting places in this TOP 10

The Costa del Sol is an ideal holiday destination! Soon you’ll know why

It’s great to meet you here to discover the Costa del Sol easy and fast. This is an area were you definitely enjoy your dream holiday! We’re delighted to let you know you’re on the right track to get to the holiday of your dreams. The Costa del Sol is a costal area full of culture, history, festivals, beaches, natural areas and culinary traditions. Nothing stands in your way to visit wonderful monuments, to admire landscapes rich in contrast, or to join the party of 1 of the popular local celebrations. Of course, whatever you do it goes perfectly together with the exceptional gastronomy.

One thing is for sure. The best basis to explorer the Costa del Sol is your own holiday home. From out of your holiday home you’re able to do whatever and whenever you want. So why not rent your own holiday home? It’s a choice you’ll never regret!

The Costa del Sol is quite popular among our guests. Therefore, Club Villamar offers a large selection of villas and holiday homes on this beautiful coast. A 1st class holiday you’ll experience when you come back in your own villa after a day explorring the magnificent area. You’ll even enjoy more when you find refreshment in the private pool and when you taste your delicious barbecue meals made in your outside kitchen.

Now it’s time to find out if the Costa del Sol is your holiday destination. To get a quick glimpse we’ve selected specially for you the best TOP 10 places of the Costa del Sol!

Top 10 must-have-seen holiday highlights on the Costa del Sol

1. Cueva de Ardales (Cave of Ardales)

Do you like to see a unique and impressive spot on the Costa del Sol? The Cave of Ardales isn’t like the “commercial” caves. This large cave on the Costa del Sol keeps 100s of Paleolithic paintings and engravings. And also very rare Iberian Paleolithic art you’ll discover here, like painted hands, drawings of animals and women figures. Further more, the cave of Ardales retains several human burials which are of great anthropological interest.

Keep in mind that the number of daily visitors is restricted and the visit is done with a guide. We advise you to make an appointment in advance. Contact for example the Red Patrimonio Guadalteba.

2. Embalse Conde del Guadalhorce (Reservoir of the Count of Guadalhorce)

Most people are amazed when they arrive at Embalse Conde del Guadalhorce. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the Costa del Sol. If you love nature and want to relax, there’s nothing more wonderful than explorering the area of Guadalhorce. It’s truly breathtaking.

Embalse Conde del Guadalhorce is a protected nature reserve of the Board of Andalusia. This reservoir exists out of 3 phenomanal parts: Guadalhorce, Guadalteba and Conde del Guadalhorce. Without any doubt this is one of the best gifts of Mother Nature situated on the Costa del Sol. In addition, it offers a variety of recreational activities, water sports, walking and hiking.

3. Costa del Sol’s golf courses

Go golf players! Do you like to show your golf talent on the golf course? Here, on the Costa del Sol, you’ve got plenty of opportunities! The Costa del Sol offers many golf courses on prime locations where you’ll experience fantastic moments.

Have you ever practiced golf with a breathtaking scenery and magnificent sea views on your side? The very well maintained and unique designed Costa del Sol’s golf courses are able to give you all. Their invitation you can’t reject. So, take your golf clubs and enjoy like the sky is the limit!

4. Puente Nuevo (The New Bridge)

You can’t miss one of the most emblematic monuments of Ronda! This large bridge connects the 2 urban areas of the city. This real masterpiece measures a hight of 98m and contains lots of history you can discover. At the end of the 18th century the bridge was inaugurated and became an excellent viewpoint.

Bring your camera with you and have it shot ready. You’ll have lots of shots to make to capture the impressive view of the surrounding city.

5. Castillo de Colomares (Colomares Castle)

You’ll be impressed when you see this magnificent castle! The towers, fountains, gates and other elements of Byzantine, Romantic, Gothic and Moorish let you see a side of architecture you won’t see anywhere else. All parts of the castle together form a spectacular fantasy in stone!

This monumental castle was built between 1987 and 1994 as a tribute to Christopher Columbus. Columbus who’s world famous with the discovery of America. The castle is well situated and within an easy reach. No matter where you’ll stay on the Costa del Sol, you’ll always be able to take a gleamp on this fairy-like castle.

6. Parque Natural Sierra de las Nieves (Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves)

Yes, this is for real. Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves shows the superlative degree of beauty of nature! UNESCO declared this miracle as a Biosphere Reserve, which is also known as the lifeblood of the province of Malaga on the Costa del Sol.

In the park you’ll find a huge field filled with a unique variety of trees. The specialty is that this only can be found in the south of the peninsula and the north of Morocco. Besides the exceptional flora this is also the place with a huge concentration of mountain goats and deers. The mountainous area contains beautiful ravines and waterfalls, which give you the chance to make stunning photos as in magazines!

7. Jardin botanique Historico La Concepción

Give your eyes a pleasant holiday as well and visit this beautiful botanical garden, located in Mijas on the Costa del Sol. The English styled garden caries more than 150 years of history!

And there are several botanical sorts which belong to the most important of the botanical continent. You’ll be surprised by the large number of smells and colors you’ll discover. There’s an infinite variety of plants and flowers. It’s like your in a tropical savanna far southern Spain. Jardin Botanique Historico La Concepción let’s itself recapitulate as a little piece of paradise on the Costa del Sol!

8. Nikki Beach 

Do you like to know how a day of a jetsetter feels like? Nikki Beach is the amazing place to be. The unique decor and the amazing atmosphere really attracts your attention to this special part of the Costa del Sol. On the beach you’ll relax on balinese beds surrounded with fresh fruit and champagne. An extra joyful moment you’ll have in the restaurant with international cuisine with its good quality and service.

In this paradise of the Costa del Sol you’ll really enjoy! During the weekend it’s a big celebration party with music, dancers and DJ’s. Of course including a huge glamour factor. Don’t miss this opportunity and spend an evening at Nikki Beach. It will be an unforgettable moment!

9. Puerto Banús, the most stylish side of the Costa del Sol

Do you wish for a luxury day? The port of Marbella is the place to be! Since the 70’s Marbella’s port is the most famous port of Spain. Puerto Jose Banús owns even the honor to be one of the most elegant ports of the world.

When you explorer the port area, don’t be surprised by the luxurious yachts and cars. It’s a place coveted by jetsetters and where good restaurants and luxury shops have a leading role. The best thing you can do is bring a full wallet for your wonderful shopping day, Do you want to take it more easy? Take a seat on the terrace with your favorite drink and experience the great ambience of Puerto Banús.

10. Baños del Carmen

Many tourists experience Baños del Carmens as a very special place, where even all their worries disappear out of their minds. In the city Málaga you’ll find among the countless beaches bars and restaurants the former spa Baños del Carmen, distinguished by its age and condition, This makes it a unique place to be during your stay on the Spanish coast. It’s filled with history and it’s certainly the oldest place in the repertoire of beaches and restaurants on the Costa del Sol.

Hang around for a drink and relax, while you’re floating away with the magnificent scenery in a peaceful atmosphere around you. The holiday makers who’ve been here assure you that it’s worth it!

The Costa del Sol has everything you need

Now, after unveiling the 10 secrets of the Costa del Sol, you’ll probably can’t resist the temptation to visit the Costa del Sol by yourself. This was a quick tour to show you what you can do and see on the Costa del Sol. Lots of visiters like to add more interesting information to their knowledge about this beautiful holiday destination. If you do too, please feel free to visit our site about the Costa del Sol.

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