Balearic Islands – Nature at its Best!

The Balearic Islands is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea gliding between Spain and the North African Coast. It is towards the eastern coast of Spain and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Europe. Beautiful scenery, mild climate and its multi-ethnic ambience makes it a great holiday destination for those nature lovers out there.

The Balearic Islands together embrace Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera in the north and Ibiza and Formentera in the south. Palma is the capital of these islands. The largest of this Spanish archipelago is Mallorca followed by Menorca and Cabrera in size.

These islands have much to offer to the tourists who come to them for relaxation and pleasure. These islands are the most cherished holiday spots in Spain and have serene beaches, soulful climate and a very exquisite culture to hold out. The sun shines bright for around 300 days a year, making it more adorable to holiday out there.

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearics outshines with breath-taking views of nature, soothing climate and a friendly hosting atmosphere. You will find a perfect blend of inspiration, relaxation, entertainment and culture over here which makes it one of the most preferred destinations for those looking out for some change from their regular metropolitan routine. In particular the tourists from Britain enjoy the beach of Magaluf which is to the west of Mallorca.

Menorca addicts its visitors to such an extent that they return to this lonely island to find peace and relaxation. The beaches and bays stretch along the island up to a length of 216 kms. According to a legend the winds blowing over Menorca are so pure and soothing that they modify a person’s personality. This island is truly for those who are looking for ‘taking a break’ from their tight schedules and busy routine life.

Cabrera which faces the southern coast of Mallorca is the home for the Spanish National Institute for the Conservation of nature. It was declared as a nature preserve in 1991 and since then houses the Spanish National Institute for the Conservation of nature (ICONA). This island embraces another 18 smaller islands and has a very shrewd ecological system. Due to its sensible environment only a small portion of the Puerto de Cabrera Island can be spreed by the tourists. It is a true ecstasy for those who love diving.

Photo Credit: Pixabay