Parish Church of Santa Maria and Palace of the viscounts of Cabrera

Here are two emblematic buildings in Blanes! It would be a real pity to miss visiting them during your stay in this seaside resort.

Intimately linked to its history and the grandeur of the medieval period, they will cast you into a fascinating world!

The palace of the viscounts of Cabrera from the days of grandeur in Blanes

Built in the 12th century at the heart of the old town for the lords of Blanes, the palace was largely expanded at the end of the Middle Ages when it was purchased by the family of the viscounts of Cabrera. At the same time, it became detached from the parish church with which it had formerly formed a single body.

When, in the 17th century, the family’s goods were sold, a merchant become the owner of the palace.

Sadly, the building fell into disrepair over the centuries. Occupied by troops during the Wars of Succession, hit by bombardments, it was badly damaged.

From the medieval period, all that remains are a few remains, including the clock tower and the façade. The rest was reconstructed at a later stage.

Architectural beauty, dream beaches, a rich history and a pleasant climate: Blanes is the perfect destination for your holiday on the Costa Brava!

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Parish church of Santa Maria de Blanes

The Church of Santa Maria de Blanes was built with the palace of the viscounts of Cabrera. Like the palace, it suffered badly during the wars that affected the Iberian peninsula, in particular the Wars of Succession in the 17th century. From the Gothic period, all that remain are the sacristy and the façade.

The following centuries marked a certain renewal of this church with the installation of a baroque altarpiece and later two wooden pulpits designed by the renowned Gaudi. Unfortunately, the church was burnt down during the Spanish Civil War and these architectural gems were lost.