Calendar of festivals and bank holidays in Lloret de Mar

Typical catalan human tower

You are going on holiday to Lloret de Mar. Your stay may coincide with one of the numerous festivals in the Catalan calendar.

A good opportunity to enjoy a warm festive atmosphere.

The bank holidays in Catalonia

In Spain there are two types of holidays: national bank holidays which are the same all over the country like the 1st May (Labour Day) or the 12th October (Spanish national holiday called “día de la Hispanidad”); and holidays particular to Catalonia, therefore also celebrated n Lloret de Mar. Some festivals are only celebrated in one town as is the case for the city of Barcelona.

Take a look at the 2018 calendar listing the Spanish bank holidays to prepare for your trip in the best way.

The main festivals in Lloret de Mar

Around the year, different festivals mark various points in the life of Lloret de Mar. We have selected the main events for you. A true opportunity for holidaymakers to take part in the life of the town and discover Catalan culture.

Sant Jordi’s day (St. George’s Day) is celebrated every year on 23rd April. It can be compared to a Catalan Saint Valentine’s Day. On this occasion the tradition is to offer a rose to your loved one. The ultimate achievement is when you offer a rose in the colours of the Catalan flag!

Saint John’s day (or Sant Juan in the Catalan language) takes place every year during the night of the 23rd June, carrying on well into the 24th. Like in France, this traditional festival celebrates the beginning of summer. On this occasion you can attend many firework displays. The Spanish also enjoy throwing firecrackers in the streets during this festival. Saint John’s festival is ended by eating coca, a typical Catalan cake and drinking cava (sparkling wine).

Firework in Blanes

Furthermore, if you are in Lloret de Mar between 23rd and 30th of June you can witness the firework competition in Blanes (a village next to Lloret de Mar). It is a spectacular show in a magnificent natural setting. To have a good viewing point we recommend that you arrive early (before 10pm) at Blanes beach. The competition is so famous that each year thousands of people flock to Blanes to attend it. Clearly, it is one of the best firework displays in all of Spain.

July holidaymakers in Lloret de Mar can attend Santa Cristina which takes place annually on the 24th July. It is the town festival because Santa Cristina is the patron saint of Lloret de Mar. You can witness a procession up to the hermitage which bears the same name and there is also a little dance and a meal. It is also the opportunity for you to spend some time at the magnificent beach down below!

There are many other festivals which punctuate the year in Lloret de Mar. Quite a few will hold a particular appeal to little ones and their families. To find out more take a look at our article “Diary of activities for children in Lloret de Mar”.

Enjoy Lloret de Mar all the year around!

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