How to make a call or write to UK from Spain

How t
o keep in touch with your loved ones during your holiday in Lloret de Mar.

Mail, mobile phones, prefixes: we will tell you everything you need to know about calling and contacting UK from Spain!

How to make a call from Spain.

Here you are in Lloret de Mar and you would like to tell your loved ones that you have arrived safely. The most traditional solution (and to be honest, not the easiest one!) is to go to a public phone booth with coins. You may also buy phone cards in a tobacco shop that you can use for making calls from a phone booth.

You could also use your mobile phone. However before leaving home, make sure it works correctly from abroad. To make sure, you need to contact your UK operator to ensure that your device and your package will work in Spain. You may need to add an extra option to your tariff.

You should be aware that calls, sending texts or data (internet, apps…) may incur additional charges. These costs may sometimes be due to receiving calls from the UK or when you access your voice mail from Spain. If you do not have the international data option, we recommend that you deactivate the “data roaming” option on your mobile phone and use Wi-Fi wherever available.

The 112 emergency number is free to call wherever you are.

The cost of using and receiving data on your mobile phone depends on your operator. Some, like Free mobile, offer several days of free data roaming. Roaming means that a user can call or be called and is able to receive data via another operator’s network. June 2017 saw the general abolition of roaming charges within the European Union.

As far as Wi-Fi is concerned, it is available in many hotels, bars, restaurants and other public places. If the code is not on display, just ask for it.

To keep in touch during your stay in Lloret de Mar:

Booking a holiday rental with Wi-Fi!

To make phone calls just add a prefix to the number you want to contact. This prefix depends on the destination country of the number:

calling a UK number: 0044 + number you want to call minus the 0 at the beginning. For example for a mobile phone 0044 7 etc.
calling a US or Canadian number: 001 + number you want to call minus the 0 at the beginning. For example for a mobile phone 001 226 etc.
calling a Spanish number: 0034 + number you want to call minus the 0 at the beginning.

Sending mail from Spain.

Nothing could be easier! You should specify the country of destination at the bottom of the address, for example “UK” or “REINO UNIDO” in Spanish.

Then go to a tobacco shop or a post office in Lloret de Mar (the Post Office is “Correos” in Spanish) to buy stamps. Specify that your letter is for Europe (outside Spain) or elsewhere. A normal stamp for the UK will cost you 90 cts.

You will find post boxes all around Lloret de Mar. They are large, yellow and round and display the “Correos” sign in blue.

Where is the Post Office in Lloret de Mar?

La Oliva, 55, Lloret De Mar
Tel. : +34.972.36.46.78