Lloret de Mar during the off season

Are you looking for a destination for your holidays during the off season? Do you want sun, sea and blue skies? We have THE perfect destination: Lloret de Mar!

We can help you to plan your stay by offering you several activities to do once the tourists have left town.

Lloret de Mar as you’ve never seen it before!

Lloret de Mar is known for its crowded beaches, streets illuminated by the neon-lit nightclubs and all the international accents that can be found on the cafe terraces. Less is known about the calm of its empty beaches, its deserted streets and its terraces, where locals enjoy the winter sun. In fact, Lloret de Mar’s off season is little known. This seaside resort of 37,000 inhabitants sees its population triple in the summer. As early as June the bars, coves and even the pine forest fill up at great speed.

But the town is also open to tourists all year round! It offers them many different activities, especially sports activities.

It must be said that going on holiday during the off season offers a certain number of advantages. Low prices, no queuing in shops, available parking spaces…

You definitely won’t be disappointed!

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The advantages of an off-season stay

A climate that’s… ideal!

Let’s start with a strong argument: both in summer and in winter, Lloret’s weather is pleasant. Its mild temperatures and strong sunshine make it an ideal destination for escaping from the gloom of everyday life. Come and spend a few days in Lloret during the winter and stock up on vitamin D before you return to the UK!

We particularly recommend late autumn and the spring for enjoying the good weather without having to endure the summer rush. From November until mid-March, the temperature drops a little – and it’s winter.

In summary, the weather is nice all year round. A great way to recharge your batteries when the cold drags on in the UK!

Attractive prices

By opting for an offseason stay, you will benefit from very attractive offers on transport, activities and accommodation. Those who come by plane or by train will find cheap tickets to come to Lloret de Mar.

As for accommodation, prices also drop at this time of year and it’s the perfect chance to treat yourself!

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A calm atmosphere

If Lloret de Mar is an unmissable destination in the summer for its beaches and its party atmosphere, there are many other ways to have a great holiday during the off season.

Strolling along the coast or opting for a picnic on an empty beach, enjoy magnificent views over the Mediterranean. The sportier ones will particularly appreciate the mild climate, ideal for burning energy without getting too hot. Moreover, the town is a renowned sports tourism destination.

Families and couples will also appreciate Lloret’s other, calmer, side. They will be able to avoid the endless restaurant queues or the lines of cars looking to park. In addition to breathtaking scenery, you can enjoy moments of precious relaxation and different activities.

So why not make the most of winter, spring or autumn to discover Lloret de Mar and the Costa Brava?

We have selected several offseason activity ideas for you:

Relaxation activities

Lazing around on the beach

Nature excursions

Walks and hikes


Lloret de Mar’s Open Museum

Trips around Lloret de Mar

Shopping in Lloret de Mar and its outskirts

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