Play mini-golf in Lloret de Mar

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional beach days? Have you considered mini-golf? This open air activity will thrill all holidaymakers.

Big or small, with your family or with friends, work on your swing on one of Lloret de Mar’s many courses!

A group activity for all ages

Children will particularly enjoy this game as they can play at their own pace. But beware, adults could also get sucked into the game! On different courses, practise handling the club. You will have to overcome all the different obstacles that come your way to be able to reach the hole with the least amount of strokes.

A fun activity where you will have great fun!

Enjoy a moment of calm and relaxation

Mni-golf is a perfect game for an afternoon with your friends or to end the day with a moment of family relaxation. The varied scenery and natural environment really help you to escape. In the shade of the trees, have fun and enjoy the calm that surrounds you on one on the 4 mini-golf courses in Lloret de Mar.

If you opt for a game at Gnomo Park or Lloret Bowling, why not go bowling afterwards? With several alleys available, be tempted by this equally fun activity!

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Places to play mini-golf in Lloret

– Gnomo Park
Address: Carretera de Lloret a Blanes, Lloret de Mar

Tel.: +34.972.36.80.80

– Can Quico
Address: Av d’Amèrica, 17, Lloret de Mar
Tel.: +34.972.36.80.51

– Lloret de Mar Bowling
Address: Avgda. Just Marlés Vilarrodona, 42, Lloret de Mar
Tel.: +34.972.37.17.59