Restaurants and business soirees in Lloret de Mar

Why not make sure that your guests enjoy an unforgettable evening in a beautiful setting. Start with a good dinner and then end the eveningrelaxing in one of Lloret de Mar’s bars.

To find good places to go, take a look at our guide!

Good restaurants for business meals in Lloret de Mar

Do you like the idea of a meal with a sea view? Break away from traditional business events: have a change of scenery and enjoy an evening out in a dreamy setting.

We highly recommend theselocations for a business dinner in Lloret de Mar.

El Trull:

Have a great time in a unique setting made up of several lounges and private rooms that can accommodate between 30 and 550 people. The best thing about this location is the staff’s high level of professionalism and the immaculate service. The venue is also equipped with screens, projector, Wi-Fi access, etc.

Atics-La Carpa:

Dine with a view of the Mediterranean in this restaurant-bar. Once you have finished your meal, move onto the terrace lounge overlooking the sea.

Sant Pere del Bosc:

This stylish restaurant serves good quality cuisine, inspired by traditional Catalan and Spanish gastronomy. You will particularly enjoy the beauty of the restaurant’s surroundings and its modernist architecture. Ideal if you are looking for a quiet place in Lloret to enjoy a business meal.

Where can you organise a business soiree in Lloret?

After a long day of workshops, activities or seminars, make sure that your colleagues and employeeshave an unforgettable evening. We know that the venue for business soirees is very important: the more attractive the place, the better the atmosphere!

There are many options for going out in Lloret. To find the city’s best bars, check out our article on Lloret’s top 20 bars. From Lloret’s best bars, we have selected 3 which are particularly suited to a corporate audience.

A Hollywood night club party

Halfway between a club and a night club, Hollywood hosts corporate events. You can enjoy an unforgettable evening in a stylish setting which attracts a young energetic audience!

Games night in Gran Casino Costa Brava

Relaxation and fun are waiting for you at Lloret de Mar’s casino! This venue not only offers many slot machines and gaming tables but also various lounge bars which will ensure that your colleagues have an excellent evening. Also bear in mind that it is possible to attend a flamenco show at this venue.

Karaoke night at Seven Seas

Discover the hidden singing talent within your company! The Seven Seas is a great place for public events. You can spend your evening singing to international music whilst enjoying good quality Spanish cuisine.

And the bonus is that all of these places are located in Lloret de Mar’s town centre and are therefore within walking distance.

Has Lloret de Mar won you over? Why don’t you plan to go there for your next holiday!

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