The Moorish tower or the tower of Can Magí in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is characterised by its wide variety of historical heritage. Medieval buildings stand side-by-side with modern chapels and rich modernist houses.

With the Moorish tower you will be able to step into the sometimes stormy history of sixteenth century Spain. An exciting visit!

When Tossa came under threat…

In the sixteenth century, the Spanish coast suffered from regular attacks from pirates from North Africa. To protect himself against this, Charles Quint and then his son, Philippe II, decided to fortify the coast.

Within the context of this threat, Tossa de Mar’s Moorish tower was erected. Its name probably originates from the fact that it had to block the attacks coming from North Africa, whose inhabitants were called the “Moors”. It consists of two floors and has arrow loops.

The guardian permanently installed in the tower had to warn the inhabitants of Tossa of an imminent attack by Barbary pirates so the townsfolk could take refuge inside the ramparts.

From Tossa to the rest of the Costa Brava

Several towers like this were built at strategic points along the coastline. They also had to allow the villages of the Costa Brava to communicate with each other and to launch an alert signal in the case of an attack. Rudimentary but efficient, they communicated through smoke signals during the day and light signals from nightfall.

The Moorish tower was also in communication with the Gunpowder tower and with the tower of the castle of which nothing remains today. Instead you can admire Tossa’s lighthouse which is also an interpretation centre for Mediterranean lighthouses.

For a cultural stay on the Costa Brava, choose a holiday in Tossa de Mar!


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