Sagrada Familia

The monuments Sagrada Familia in Spain is one of the most ancient churches formed by the Roman Catholics. The most admirable part of this tourist attractions is that it is being built by a private group of Roman Catholics and is under construction from the year 1882 at Barcelona, Spain. It is believed that this church would not be completely constructed till 2026.

It is believed that by 2010 September, they might be in a position to open a part of the church where the shrine would be placed and where people and tourists would be able to worship God in the monumentous church that has been under construction for the past 128 years.

This church is believed to be the masterpiece of an architect of Catalan origin for its characteristic design. It is because of this peculiar design and construction that this place has become one of the main tourist spots in Barcelona, Spain. It is also believed that the Pope XVI would bless the church in the month of November 2010 when he plans to visit Barcelona for this particular cause.

The peculiar feature of the Sagrada Familia church is that it represents Christianity in every tower and is symbolic of Christianity. It has got towers that are spindle shaped and this makes it look very attractive to most of the tourists who visit Spain.

The church is believed to have three major concealments, out of which one would be to the East, one to the South and the third to the West. The facades of East and West have been completed and the one towards the South is under construction. The façade to the West is most striking with the artefacts being exclusive having Christ’s crucification and all sculptured in an exotic way. These sculptures are of a controversial origin, but yet kept alive. This was developed by Joseph Maria.

The interiors of the church are constructed in such a way that tourists become spell bound on seeing the same. It is also believed that every portion in the church would symbolise some or the other thing like different concepts, origin of various saints, their work for the good of people, sins, goodness, etc.

To represent all the above mentioned concepts, the decoration would be such that it symbolises the same and also adds glory to the look and feel of the church.

Thus Sagrada Familia, a church under construction from past 128 years has gained name and fame because of various reasons like its integrity; symbolic, spindle shaped towers and exclusive designs; both externally as well as internally. Tourists who visit Spain make it a point to visit Barcelona just to see this glorified church.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock