Finding the Best Beaches in Spain

Spain has about 5000 miles of coastline and much of it is graced with stunning beaches. In fact, Spain is known to have the best and the most beautiful beaches that are present all around the world. Beaches in Spain are a major attraction no matter what time of time of the year and what weather it is. Though most of the tourists flock to Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, there are some stunning beaches that are present in other parts of the Spain as well.

For finding the best beaches in Spain it is recommended that you talk to your travel agent first. You can ask him about the best location that you can choose to stay from where you can visit maximum beaches and enjoy. For experience and fun on the best beaches of Spain you must travel to the northern part of Spain.Some of the very beautiful beaches are located in Northern Spain particularly in the areas Gandia, Santander, Bilbao and Asturia.

These beaches offer picturesque scenery, a lot sand where you can relax and some great water sports also. You may find some beaches to be occupied by a large crowd where people get indulged in boat riding and tanning.

If you happen to visit the Spain‘s southern region, you’ll find beaches that mostly cater to younger crowd, particularly Nerja and Tarifa. These beaches are very popular with college-aged people and most of them use to hang-out. All kind of water sports are available here, which can keep the crowd busy.

Some people have a better taste towards the beaches that have various rock formations. Those who are interested in rocky beaches must visit Galicia that is present towards the northwest Spain. These beaches are particularly favored for taking beautiful photographs or relaxing.

You may also go by the suggestions of local people of Spain. They can recommend the best beaches in a much better way. There are a lot of nude beaches in Spain, so you have to prioritize your trip to the beach before handedly. Island Ibiza is a must to go place.

This little island in the southeast of Spain is known to have some best sceneries. In fact, Ibiza is the best hangout place for teenagers. A lot of swimming, tanning and other activities can be indulged into in Ibiza. A lot of drinking and music goes on the island and it is the perfect party beach.

photo Credit: Shutterstock