How do people in Begur celebrate the Fira D’Indians festival?

Different types of events and fairs are celebrated in the Costa Brava. There are a few important festivals that are known all around the world. The Fira D’Indians festival or the Indianos festival in Begur is one such that festival. Begur is a small town where this traditional fair is celebrated with much fervor.

The festival has no connection with the Aboriginal groups of America or residents of India. Indianos is a small category of villa in Spain who had migrated to Latin America to live a better life and then returned to the homeland millionaires.

In Begur, the population of the Indianos is quite large and most of them are settled in Cuba. The main theme of this festival is the warm relationship between Begur and Cuba.

The fair commences on the first Friday of September and commemorates up late at night on Sunday. The first time, the festival started in 2004 and was a big success. After that, it was made an annual event. It is a three-day festival and the small town of Begur witnesses a lot of fun and activities during the festival.  The fair starts with an official opening conducted by political people and individuals associated with the world of the Indies.

On the first day, music and dance take place at different venues across the town throughout the night. On the next day, several kids’ activities take place such as a chocolate making workshop followed by cocktail workshop classes. On the last day, modern-day dandies’ parade around town showing off their vintage sports cars and habaneras sung on the beaches.

Shopping is the most important part of any fair. Thus, shopping is also a part of Fira d’Indians. You can enjoy Cuban coffee beans, cocoa, rum, cured meats, herbs, and spices along with sweets, chocolate, and toys. The fair has a dress code white linen clothes and a straw hat. If you do not have one, you can select a white shirt, pants because dresses are available for purchase in the fair. You can also buy traditional products in the fair such as hand-woven fishing nets, forged metal goods, baskets, alpargatas, and more. There is a wide display of the different items that are worth buying if you want to keep a memory of the festival throughout life.

Another important thing to enjoy at the festival is Latin American music in the wee hours of the morning. You can tap your feet anywhere at any time. Different musical activities take place over the course of fair. There are many traditional Habanera songs, street shows, and recreation activities of the colonial era take place during the festival.

The most important drink served during the festival is the mojito. It is served at every corner in a branded glass that you can also keep as a souvenir from Begur. You can enjoy the drink along with mouth-delicious snacks that are a part of the fair.

The festival becomes bigger and better every year and it is well worth spending time in Begur during this part of the year.