What to Look For In a Luxury Villa

Luxury villas get their name because, well, they’re luxurious. You get all the comforts of home with the perks of being on vacation. It’s basically a win-win for you!

But what should you look for?

There are the basics, of course, such as number of rooms based on how many are in your travel group, which leads to checking the number of bathrooms… but these are things you already know to look for. Our list is going to make you really picture your getaway so you know the really important things to look for. So get ready to daydream!

Location, Location, Location

Quick, think about where you would go on you dream vacation. This is the vacation of a lifetime, one you will never forget. Now close your eyes and imagine exactly where you would be…

What did you see?

Whether you envisioned a location akin to the beautiful golden sands of Costa Brava or the mountainous province of Andalusia, there’s a luxury villa out there, ready and waiting for you to pack your bags and go! That’s because luxury villas are situated in beautiful surroundings, right in the heart of the country so you can see and experience everything the area has to offer.

And whether you saw yourself as a solo traveler or bringing little ones in tow, there’s something to be found for everyone. Do you want to ski? Perfect! How about fishing? There’s a villa for that! Both? Even better. Check out villas near locations like Granada, where it’s actually possible to do both in the same day!

Where’s the Laundry? And the Store? And…

When you’re in a luxury villa, you won’t be asking these questions! Your villa should offer a wide range of flexible services to meet your needs, including things like your own laundry room, because we all know sharing washers and dryers is not part of anyone’s ideal vacation. And if you’re thinking about shared rooms and community areas, you’re probably thinking of a hotel, not a villa! Villas are designed to be luxurious, offering you all the same comforts you would have at home. Except better, of course, because you already chose a villa in your dream location!

Think of your villa as your home away from home. You’ll never be far away from anything you could possibly need, including some amazing restaurants that you’ll want to try when you don’t feel like cooking in your own kitchen. But of course, if you do want a nice, simple day in, you can always take a quick trip to the market! The choice is yours.

Could we get a little privacy, please!?


Again, your villa is nothing like a hotel, where you can hear your neighbors talking about where they want to go to dinner. You also don’t have to worry about children in wet bathing suits running down the hall or hogging up the pool. At your luxury villa you will have your very own, private pool, for your personal use and leisure! If you want to soak up some sun or float in the cool waters, it’s there for you, without any unwanted company.

In fact, you’ll have all the privacy you want. Once you have the keys to your luxury villa it’s exactly that: yours! They’re the perfect solution if you aren’t a people person or just want to escape to just be. Just think about lounging around in the same clothes you slept in the night before, hair a mess, a cup of coffee in your hand while staring out your window out into the ocean, or the mountains, or the trees…


But Really, a Luxury Villa is All About the Experience

No, really. Luxury villas are perfect for anyone that wants to curtail the chaos of a hotel stay with their own private space in their dream getaway location, but where you stay is only part of it. When you’re there, you want to explore and do everything the area has to offer. Because let’s face it, you’ll take photos of your amazing villa to show off to your friends and family when you get home, but you’ll be telling them stories about what happened while you were there, and those are the memories that are going to stick with you.

That’s why your villa is going to put you right in the middle of the action, where you can often literally step out your front door and straight into the experience of a lifetime. These villas are in the foothills of mountains, nestled up against the sands of secluded beaches and hidden within towering trees.

So we ask you again: What did you see?

There’s a villa out there that can make it a reality!