What You Should Pack For a Spanish Villa Stay

The beautiful country of Spain can also be called one of opposites: there are mountains, there are beaches and there’s everything in-between, no matter what villa you’ve chosen as your home away from home! And when you’re there, you’re going to want to see it all, trust us! So when you’re packing for your trip to Spain, you really want to make sure you bring a little something for any adventure you may embark on. We know it’s a bit of an undertaking, so we went ahead and made this list of what you should pack for a Spanish villa stay:

The Basic Necessities

When it comes to going on vacation, there are some basic necessities you should always plan on packing. By the time you’re stuffing your suitcase, and carry on, and okay, maybe a second suitcase for good measure… you should already have a basic itinerary you can keep in mind as you go. Think about the following:

  • How many days are you staying? If you’re staying for a long time, you definitely want to pack enough outfits to last a few days at a time, but keep in mind that your villa will either have access to a private laundry room with a washer and dryer, or a public one nearby. That means you can still pack light even if you’ll be gone for an extended period of time. And who even like lugging bags around anyway!
  • Where do you plan on going? You booked your villa in advance so you know where you’ll be for most, if not all, of your vacation. No matter where you are in Spain you will experience more sunny days than not, but check the temperatures to get an idea of what you will need. In general, it’s a good idea to bring a windbreak, a raincoat or umbrella and a light jacket so you can be prepared for virtually anything the weather might throw at you. Other than that, summer days will definitely require shorts and short-sleeved shirts, while winter vacations will need longer pants and sweaters.
  • What do you plan on doing? This question might not be as easy to answer right when you’re packing, but think about where you’ll be. Are you near mountains, beaches or the city? A combination of the three? If you think you’ll want to enjoy the photo-worthy Spanish countryside, definitely bring comfortable walking shoes, especially if you’ll be near any mountains. There’s plenty of hiking and biking! But if you’ll mainly stick to the city, then you may want comfortable shoes for shopping during the day and dancing shoes for at night. Beach bums should plan accordingly as well, bring your bathing suit! Or don’t, if you plan on joining the fun at a naturist beach (yes, they have those!). One key thing to note, however, is that items like surfboards and rock climbing gear don’t really travel well, so just plan on renting those!

Personal Items You’d Never Leave Home Without

If you’d usually bring it on a vacation anywhere else, then bring it here! Sanitary items, your favorite accessories, personal odds and ends you’d never leave home without should definitely be in your bag(s). Some important things to add, if you wouldn’t include them already, are sunglasses and sunblock, and maybe a hat. Those 300 days of sun are no joke! You can buy them when you get there if you want, but bringing them with you ensures you’re beach-ready the moment you get to your villa!

What You DO NOT Need

Remember, you’re staying at a private villa so you don’t need to bring absolutely everything! If you have the commodities at home, they most likely have them at the villa, too. That’s why this list really focuses on personal items and easy-to-bring things you’ll want to have handy for those just in case moments. But be sure to double check at your specific villa so you know exactly what to expect, and what you need!