Make Wonderful Memories with Your Family in Madrid

Madrid is considered a family-friendly destination for holidays. The place has got just about everything from renowned museums to zoos, to hot tourist destinations and some great amusement parks.Each place in Madrid is good enough to add thrill in your family holiday experience. Rail Europe also offers some great offers which can help in making your Madrid trip a truly enjoyable one.

Wide range of passes are available from which you can select the one which suits best and explore even more of Spain then you would have thought . Below is a guide to you memory making activities that you can perform with your family in Madrid. All these activities have been proven to be the favorites of both Children and adults.

Parque Warner Madrid
– this part is perfect for an activity for your family after you all have went through a tiring journey to Spain. Parque Warner gives enough reasons to get charged up. You can enjoy meeting Warner Bros. cartoon characters and board a Roller Coaster. This amusement park is going to be a perfect start and you will find memories of happy family times just getting created.

Faunia Madrid – this huge nature park is a must attend for kids as the park is huge store of education and fun. Both the outdoor and indoor environments of this park are worth exploring. Adults and children can discover eight different ecosystems of the world that have been created inside this park and also get a lot of knowledge at the same time.

Each ecosystem contains different species of animals and plants and you will also get advantage of exploring the rain forest section that will surely amaze you with a number of reptiles and brightly colored flora and fauna. The park is perfect to click thousands of photographs and store it in your memory lane.

Museo Ferrocarril (train museum) – a great locomotive museum there in large number of train models and Spanish railroads can be explored. Children can even ride and participate in the adventure.

Palacio Real de Madrid – visit to this royal palace that is filled with hedges, beautiful gardens, fountain statues can just fascinate anybody. You can also explore the quarters of Queen and the king and also see the eminent luxuries they used in their times. Amid silver, gold and marble decoration, you your self will feel royal.

Parque del Retiro –the park is a perfect treat for the family where one can relax in the afternoon and also Stroll the park at one’s own pace. A serene lake is also present, where you can hire a boat and enjoy rowing it with your family.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock  Pixabay