The town, Pollença is also spelt as Pollensa is a municipality located in the northern corner of Majorca Island. It is nearer to Alcudia and Formentor. The Pollenca port lies at a distance of 6 KM from the town. This town is considered as one of the beautiful places in Majorca. There is a strong belief that the origin of tourism in Majorca Island was Pollenca.  Its landscape of this town contains – steep mountains, sea with blue waters, green pine trees and grey limestone rocks. The roads here are winding and narrow.

Large numbers of foreigners reside in this town and they combined with multi national tourists make this town cosmopolitan. However there are places in this town that are quiet and not affected by tourists. Many tourists try to climb the 365 steps leading to the top of the hill, Calvary.


It was founded in the 13th century around 6 km from the coast in an effort to avoid pirate attacks.


The average temperatures in a year are as follows.
Maximum – 25 °C in the month of July-August
Minimum – 10 °C in December to February

Art and Culture
A Roman bridge that facilitates crossing a small stream is popular in this town. There is a square nearer to this bridge and it has a fountain built in 1827 and it has the picture of a cockerel that depicts the town’s symbol.

The houses in this town were mostly built during 17th and 18th centuries; the streets here belong to medieval era and are narrow but compact. The church in the central square Plaça Major – Our Lady of the Angels – was constructed by Knights Templar and belongs to 13th century.

Sant Jordi Gothic church is one of the historical buildings that were used as a refuge when the pirates raided the place. The building of the council offices was a temple that was restored.

This town’s gastronomy is mainly from the traditional Mediterranean cooking. The following dishes are popular.

Pa amb oli – has peppers, fried potatoes and eggplant with tomato sauce
Arroç brut – containing rice, vegetables and meat
Verdures – onion, tomato and pepper
Panades – vegetable or meat pies
Pork filet with cabbage
Porcella or suckling pig
Ice cream, almond cake or sweet lard cake

Sports and Entertainment
The beaches here are sandy and the water is shallow turquoise and this makes them popular with families. There are constant entertainments that take place in and around the beach areas.

The fisherman’s wharf is the latest attraction in this place after the construction of wooden walkways to facilitate walking by pedestrians.