Spain – the most ideal place for tourists

If anyone were to ask what is there to see in Spain; then it would be very difficult to answer this question. This is because the list of places to be seen in Spain is very big and it would be very difficult to remember all of them. So, only some of the places are being introduced here:

Costa de la Luz:

Certainly this is a most attractive tourist spot. This vast coast line is less populated and is the most ideal place for those who want to spend their holiday in a most peaceful environment. In fact most of the Spanish tourists prefer this place and now it has become more and more popular among other foreign tourists also. This port was a popular trade centre in the 16th century for Americans who used to trade in precious metals like gold and silver.

What to see?

There are two cathedrals; of which one is old. Just go to the roof top of the cathedral; you will be certainly immersed in the beauty of nature. The Mother Nature appears in her full colors.  There is another cathedral of the 11th century which has most spectacular building, a challenge to the architects. The Playa de la Victoria beach is just walking distance away. Just drive for about 30 minutes on the beautiful road to reach the nearest city Jerez de la Frontera.

Jerez de la Frontera Andalucia Spain

One can enjoy the taste of beautiful wines in the bars across the road. In fact, many of these bars serve the famous ‘Sherris Sack’ imported from England. For those who are interested in spending their time in the wild, there is a National Park which is located just at the foot of the great mountains. Needless to say, the place offers the most spectacular view of the mountains.

The place is so beautiful that the visitor will certainly change his mind and prefer to stay in this beautiful environment for quite some days at least. From the top of the mountain you can see the most spectacular view of the village down below, Gibraltar straits, the great mountain Atlas, Coast line of North Africa and many other places.

There are beautiful villas for a comfortable stay.

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