The wines of Spain

Of course Spain isn’t only well-known because of its wonderful weather and delightful beaches. When it comes to wine, this country from the south of Europe is widely regarded as one of the world’s biggest trendsetters. The history of wine goes back a long way until the Roman ages. For the true wine lovers a trip to Spain will prove to be a holiday well spent. There are several museums dedicated to wine, of course you can find many places to taste wine and there are even possibilities to treat yourself with a wine therapy.

Contrary to what you might think, that therapy doesn’t consists of drinking and tasting wine, but means the body is rubbed with a mixture of grape seeds, oil made of grape seeds and wine extracts. This is supposed to boost the immune system and protect the skin from aging and damaging. If you find to find out more about this  interesting therapy, you can try a search on Google with  the word “Vinoterapia”.

Rioja Wine

Most holiday makers will probably be more interested in the drinking and tasting of the wine, rather than rubbing it on themselves. Not a weird thought, because there are many different areas that produces some delicious wines. Of these Spanish wine regions, Rioja is the most well-known. Other popular wine-producing regions are Ribera del Duero, Catalonië, Levant and Jerez.

So the garden of your holiday villa isn’t the only place to enjoy a good glass of wine, you can also go into the country and discover your favourite wine yourself. Since the eighties the quality of the Spanish wines increased heavily and this made the country a more and more attractive holiday destination among wine lovers.


Photo Credit:Shutterstock