The celebrations of Spain

If there’s one thing that Spaniards love, it’s partying. The smallest things are seized upon to come together with friends and family and enjoy some delicious food and drinks. These festivities can be found throughout the entire year in every Spanish village or town, so it might be well worth the effort to try and find out some of these local customs and holidays before leaving for your holiday to Spain. These celebrations have never officially been counted, but some estimate it must be tens of thousands!

Many of the Spanish celebrations have their origins in the deeply rooted catholic background of the country. For instance, holidays like San Juan, San Fermin and San Isidro obviously carry the names of saints. The local festivities often are in fact meant to worship patron saints of the village, the city or the region and sometimes go back as far as the Middle Ages. Specifically the local character of these holidays make that they still are celebrated after all these years and even remain popular among young people.

Fireworks of San Juan Party

Another well-known phenomena in the social life of Spain, is that of the “Botellón”. Its origins can be found in the eighties, when young people from working class families went out to meet each other in parks and at squares. Because of a lack of money, these youngsters couldn’t spend their evenings in the bars. So they bought some alcohol together and drank it in each other’s company outside of their houses. The phenomena gained popularity since the new millennium and the last few years there even are macrobotellónes, where thousands and even tens of thousands youngsters can be found.


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