Types of Travel in the Spain

Traveling around Spain can be a thrilling as well as a mesmerizing experience. Stunning views of green mountains and clear blue oceans, white villages that is substantially high above the level of sea and is set amidst the morning mist, luxury living.

Magnificent architecture, awesome cuisine, endless shoreline and a lot more to experience and enjoy exists in Spain. Traveling around Spain can be a good experience if you have a car but in case you do not have one you then try other travel methods also.

Biking It

You will find bike rental services in almost all towns in Spain. Bicycling is a cost-effective and at the same time a healthy option for travel around Spain. You also cut on the rental cost as the rent for a bike is not high and you only need a valid credit card and your passport to higher monthly yourself.

It is important to think carefully about the time of year when you are planning to bike around Spain. If it is rainy, do not consider biking around Spain as it could be dangerous. If you are a first timer, make sure that you have a water bottle always with you so that you do not get zapped by the heat. It can also be quite strenuous to bike around as Spain has a diverse and rigid terrain.

Mopeds and scooters

These are also quite a cost effective and popular choice for travel in Spain. Hiring a scooter or mopeds is easy in all popular towns of Spain and the price range starts from €20 per day.

You’ll at the most need €5 each time you refill the gas tank. Some scooters and mopeds rental services are so good that they will deliver the vehicle right where you are residing in Spain. You may need your provisional or driver’s license, a passport and a valid credit card for mopeds and scooters rental.

Bus or Coach

Public buses are available to cover almost all areas in Spain whether it is a rural inland area or tourist hotspots. One drawback is that you cannot expect bus service to be in every few minutes and you may have to wait down for minutes and hours.

Popular tourist areas like Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have regular bus services and frequent bus stops. For Large distance travel, using coach is a great option as it will cost you quite less compared to what it would have costed you if you were driving yourself.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock  Pixabay