Penon de Ifach rock in Calpe – A spot too good to miss

Calpe is a beautiful coastal resort to that is essentially dominated with a very well-known and extraordinary Penon de Ifach rock. Calpe has been an important tourist destination since a very long time because of its mesmerizing fine qualities sandy beaches with turquoise and clean waters. The town of Calpe has a fine and authentic Spanish feel attached to it, especially the port area that is lined up with a number of restaurants where one can have great deal of time sample tasting the fresh fish that is caught on daily basis.

Arenal and Levante are two excellent beaches to choose from. A lot of summer rental facilities available in this area and people can really indulge in pedal boating, windsurfing and jet-scheme. A lot of the villas and apartments are present lining the beach and a lot of people can always be found taking a leisure walk along the promenade.

These villas and apartments are mainly the holiday rented accommodations or a second home owned by North Europeans and Spaniards. Most of the visitors took like to stay at the center of the town that this only five minutes drive from the sea. In fact, most of the Villas are situated at locations where one can have excellent sea views right from their windows. Calpe is also a great place for golf enthusiasts who can play here at 9 hole Don Cayo Golf Club situated at the bottom of Sierra Bernia.

The famous Penon de Ifach, which is a 332 m high huge rock has being given the status of a Protected Natural Park. This was done in the year 1987 to protect many types of attention-grabbing plants and birds calling the place as the big jagged rock home.  Penon de Ifach is an important landmark and a field of interest for various fields of study, including botany, geology amongst others. The Swift birds and the silver seagulls that are found here are near extinction. Same is the case with a number of plant species.

Penon de Ifach  also attracts climbers, thought it is a challenging climb with an remarkable walk through  bridge that was  built in 1918 to facilitate those wanting to climb the top in order to have a spectacular glance at  entire Costa Blanca. Tickets to Penon de Ifach are free and there is a limit of 50 people per hour on the rock. You can also plan a stay at the foot of this huge rock where a lot of amazing yet affordable options are available and you also get the benefit of staying amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock