Segovia – Historic city of Spain

Segovia, which is just about 35 minutes drive from Madrid, is a moderately populated city of Spain. This city with Mediterranean climate was under Celtic rule and later changed to Roman control. History also says that when Spain was invaded by Islamic rulers, the city was actually abandoned for some time. It is mainly dependant on agriculture and tourism. Segovia is now one of most renowned tourist spots of Spain.

Places of interest for tourists:


This old castle is an outstanding example of military architecture. The castle stands on a steep rocky crag above the confluence of rivers Clamores and Eresma. Its construction was on the steep side of the mountain in order to dissuade the enemy from climbing up the slope. The 15th Century old castle was repaired and restored in 1882.

Entry to the castle is through ten semi circled turrets. The castle is located at a place where one can have a complete view of the towns Maceta and Sierra de Guadarrama. There are many rooms in this castle, but they show about 11 rooms to the visitors, which include the throne room, room from where one can have a full view of the rivers, rooms converted to armory, a chapel etc. There is a museum where the history of Segovia and the castle is on display.


This Gothic style cathedral is said to have been built in 1553. The interiors of the Cathedral contain marvelous sculpture works with beautiful ceiling. The museum contains valuable painting works, old furniture and many relics.
A wall surrounds the entire town of Segovia. Just outside the wall are many places of attractions.

Street of Castilla y Leon

Castilla y Leon:

This is yet another city just outside the Segovia wall. Castilla is yet another place of interest. This place was a former kingdom of Leon and Castilla. This traditional town is popular for its popular buildings and many churches. Here there are many museums and parks, so that the tourist can have a relaxed holiday. Just a further away, it takes the visitor to the foot of the great mountains. There are small villages near this town. During Roman rule, they built many semi-circular towers and gates.

The town hall square in the midst of the city has many works of sculpture and the town hall square is beautifully illuminated.

Where to stay?

The city has many rental villas and apartments. There are many restaurants to serve the choicest food to the travelers.

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