Tired of Just Scraping By? Try a Life of Luxury in Spain!

This luxurious life can be yours…

Look, we’ve all been there. You manage to make it (just barely) to the end of your working week. You’ve just slaved away for 40, 50 or maybe 60 hours, and it’s time to replenish the pantry. You check the bank balance to see how much you can afford.

Shock! Horror!

There’s less money in there than you thought. You end up asking yourself the same questions:

Where did all that money go?

How did all the work not count for anything?

How can I break free to live a life of luxury?

Is this the only type of luxury?

Ah! Luxury! What comes to mind when I use that phrase? Yachts? Travel? Caviar? Expensive shoes?

Or maybe you just imagine yourself escaping from your ordinary life to live a life of luxury, just to see what it’s like?

What if I told you that it’s possible? You can escape the ordinary, block the boring, and live a life of luxury in Spain. All it takes is for you to redefine what luxury looks like. How do we do that?

Redefining Luxury

Tim Ferriss, the author of the popular book The 4-Hour Workweek, talks about the myth of having money. True wealth, he writes, is when you have time and money leveraged to your benefit. What’s the point of having all the money in the world if you can’t take the time off to use it? Or what’s the pleasure of doing whatever you want with your time if you have no money to do what you want?

True luxury is found in the balance. By using much less money than you think, you can live a life of true luxury in Spain. Spain is truly one of the hidden gems of Europe, costing much less than many other European destinations. That means that you get more for your money.

So, let’s look at a few of the luxurious options that you can enjoy by choosing a holiday in Spain.

Free Time in Costa Del Sol

Live the Costa Del Sol life

When you think of someone living a life of luxury, do you imagine them waking up well after the sun has come up, going for a swim in their pool, and then making a plan for how to spend all the time of their day?

That can be you when you travel to the Costa del Sol. It’s one of the easiest destinations in Spain to get to from any country, and it gives you the option of spending your time as you see fit.

Life is slower in the coastal regions, and the Costa del Sol is no different. If your idea of luxury is when you stretch out your time to fill your day, never rushing, always relaxing and moving slowly, this place will suit you well.

And with over 300 sunny days, Spain’s weather can accommodate you whenever you wish to travel. If you feel as though you are getting tired of living on a crazy, hectic schedule, rushing from one appointment to another meeting, to another event, it’s time to slow down. A life of luxury allows you to determine your schedule and not your schedule to determine you.

Private Accommodation in Lloret de Mar

Private villa in Lloret Del Mar

Another common theme when thinking about those who enjoy a life of splendour is that they stay in fabulous places. They don’t waste time trying to book into motels or hostels. They languish by the side of their own pool, prepare a meal in their own kitchen and sleep in multiple-bedroom villas during their travels.

Lloret de Mar can offer that same experience – but put that expensive price out of your head. Private villas in Lloret de Mar are in your price range. And you have the freedom to take your whole family with you without ever feeling as though you’re stepping on someone else’s toes.

Private villas allow you to unwind in your own garden, free from the hassle of hotel rules, obnoxious guests or unwelcome clothing restrictions. Want to swim in the nude? Why not? That’s what living the life of luxury feels like.

As one of the most popular coastal destinations in Catalonia, Lloret de Mar boasts some incredible views that you can enjoy from your private patio. Sip Spanish wine late into the night while you enjoy dinner from your private dining area. Retreat to a large furnished bedroom, free from the noise of other guests sharing walls and talking loudly in the hotel hallways. Sound out of your reach? I promise you, it’s not.

In hotels, you would spend triple the room rate to have access to your own private kitchen. Want a private pool to swim in? You’re likely to find it costs thousands if it’s even available at all. Want excellent views from a balcony overlooking the city? You’ll pay through the nose for that ‘privilege’.

But, with a private villa, you can have all of that, and if you’re taking a large group, it can actually cost LESS than an average room at a mediocre hotel.

World-Class Beaches on Costa Brava

And what luxurious dream is complete without quality time at a world-class beach? Imagine those who live a fancy life, and you’re sure to see them sipping drinks while they enjoy the sun setting over calm waters by the sea.

The Costa Brava has the beaches for you. Whether you’re into water sports, or you’d like a private cabana to sleep in to the soothing sounds of the waves, you can find those beaches on the  Costa Brava. The best part about travelling to Spain for these beaches is that along the Mediterranean you will always have exceptional weather and your choice of pristine sand and sun to soak in.

When you plan a holiday to the Costa Brava, be sure to find a spot that has excellent beach access. Start and end your day the same way the millionaires and billionaires do: by the beach. It’s amazing how a few waves and a quick dip in the water can make you forget all your troubles and worries back home.

And the best part about lounging at the beach? It’s free. The sea is the world’s best and most effective spa retreat, and it costs you literally nothing.  Even if you decide to take your entire holiday and spend it by the water, you’ll never feel like you were missing out on the life of luxury. In fact, you’ll pity everyone else who didn’t get the same relaxation and fun you had on the Costa Brava.

Living Luxuriously in Spain

Even something simple can feel like luxury

What does luxury look like to you?

From my perspective, you can find just about everything you need to escape the boring everyday life and live a larger life in Spain. Even if it’s for only two weeks, you’ll never forget what it feels like to live larger on less money.

You’ll have no choice but to start planning your next escape to the rich life.